Advantages of Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a component of Software Defined Everything (SDx), a technology that moves devices from being defined by their hardware to their software, meaning that an upgrade of the software would mean a more enhanced device. SDN is here to simplify and centralize the control of enterprise network management and has brought the following advantages with it.
The first benefit is the provision of a centralized network which make it easier for to provision and manage enterprise network with an example being the increasing cases of making VLANs part of physical LANs, which bring about a knot of dependencies and links. By abstracting the data transmitters and control, SDN can be vital in speeding up delivery of services and providing more flexibility in provision of both physical and virtual network devices from one central location.
The other benefit is that SDN results to lower operations costs since there is improvements in terms of server utilization, there is a better and centralized control of virtual processes and other advantages that result to more operational costs reduction. Due to the young age of the technology, the results of these cost reductions may not be seen immediately but it is a guarantee that they will come about, because the automation and centralization of routine network administration issues will bring down the cost of operation.
Another advantage is that there is a better and holistic enterprise management where SDN allow the IT technicians experiment on using enterprise networks to set up virtual machines and applications that accommodate contemporary request such as big data requests. By creating a set of APIs to manage both the physical and virtual devices, SDN supports the administration of both virtual and physical switches and networking devices from a one central controller.
Moving on, the other advantage is that SDN guarantees the delivery of content due to its ability to shape and regulate data traffic, which enables instruction and automation of data traffic and implementation quality of service that govern multimedia transmissions and voice over IP. SDN also offers a great advantages in video streaming whereby it improves the quality and speed of responsiveness of the network hence improving the user experience by allowing them to stream high quality videos.
Lastly, SDN allows for cloud abstraction where it makes it easier to abstract cloud resources using a network that is defined by a software, a good roadmap to the unified resources and infrastructure that cloud computing is bringing. The SDN technology allow for the management of the networking equipment that make up the global data centers from one SDN controller.

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